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Basic Hunting Program

The Basics Program involves force fetching on land and water, basic lining drills, introduction to handling, steadiness, and the dog will be introduced to multiple marks. Graduates of this program are at the Junior Hunter or Started Hunting Retriever level.

There is a 4 month minimum for this program.

This program is $950 per month.


About our Training Fees

Fees include food, boarding, and training only.

Hunt Test handling fees and expenses are extra.

Trips to the vet ($25 fee per trip) and all required veterinary care, medication, or expenses are your responsibility and you will be billed accordingly.



Owner Information

Things to bring with you when you drop off your dog for training:

  •     A check for the first month of training ($950), payment is due the first of each month.

  •    A copy of your dog's shot records and a current health certificate or letter from your vet. Heartworm preventative is required! We will be happy to provide heartworm preventative each month for an additional $10, or you can have your dog inoculated with a 6 month heart worm preventative prior to drop off.

  •    All dogs will be fed Exclusive by Purina. If you want your dog fed a specific food, please bring enough food with you for the entire stay.

We welcome client involvement in the training process. Please call at least 48 hours in advance to inform us of your planned attendance in a training session. Travel arrangements and training schedules must be planned according to attendance. Jordan Valley Retrievers is closed on Sundays.

All dogs will be trained in hunting situations in a variety of training grounds. We are fortunate to have many diverse private training grounds available for our use. We will take outstanding care of your dog and safety is our main concern. But, just as in human athletic competition and training, accidents and injuries are possible.

Jordan Valley Retrievers is not responsible for any injuries, acts of God, or accidents involving your dog.

You will be required to sign a waiver and a 4-month training commitment form before a dog will be admitted to the program.

Training Options

Dog Training

Basics Program

This program is where your companion will start their journey to becoming a champion.

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Puppy Training

Intermediate Program

This program is a transitional program where your dog will be introduced to advanced concepts.

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Advanced Program

Dogs that complete this level are typically ready to compete at the Master Hunter and Hunting Retriever Champion level.

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